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Life is Like Candy Crush Saga

No tips on how to get through different levels of Candy Crush Saga (CCS). But, if you like playing CCS and now you are waiting for your lives to be “refilled”, why not relax yourself by reading what life lessons you can learn from playing CCS? I realize that life is like Candy Crush Saga by playing CCS. Let’s see how related life is to Candy Crush Saga:

Level 1 — 100: The children stage. You can easily get through the levels with some luck. You may not be noticing, but time flies.

Level 101 — 200: Before you know it, you are already a young adult. The levels are more difficult; you need some skills to get through the levels, with some luck. Some give up because they think it is too difficult. Nonetheless, many others go on. You spend more time in this stage because you need to “sharpen your skills”.

Level 201 — 350: You have conquered the “young adult” stage and now you are at “adult” stage. Here, skills must be combined with luck to get you through. Life is getting more difficult, family, career, friends and personal goals, all at the same time. Be patient, it is a long stage, but you will get to the next stage eventually.

Level 351 onwards: The wise old man stage. You have come a long way, cracking your head on how to overcome the obstacles along the way. There are fewer people at this stage because some “died”. Nonetheless, continue your journey while you have the time. 加油!

Another comparison between CCS and life is the higher level you are at (a.k.a the older you are), you take longer time to make the next move. As you get older, you are wiser and you think about the consequences of the step you take, and thus a longer time to make a decision.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Learn the necessary life skills to get through difficulties, don’t depend on luck solely. You may be lucky at the beginning, but what actually get you through the difficulties of life are the skills.
  2. Do carry on, don’t give up. When you are complaining about why life is so unfair to you, think again. Other people may be getting something worse than what you get, but they carry on and conquer the obstacles. So, what are you waiting for?
  3. Learn life experiences from other people, but adjust accordingly to suit your life experiences. You can find videos on how to get through each level, but the board of candies you get is different from the videos. Thus, learn from others but adjust accordingly.
  4. Plan your next move. Life may be giving you different obstacles, you may not see what you will get in 10 years, but you can plan your move, step-by-step, to reach your goal.
  5. Do you need cheats or boosters? Yes, we need help in life. If you are willing to pay the price, why not? The levels are getting more difficult and more obstacles at later stage, you can keep the boosters for use later rather than earlier stage.
  6. It is your choice. Many people play CCS, some give up along the way, some insist that they do not want to play the game… Whatever it is, it is your choice. Life is full of choices, choose yours wisely.
  7. Life competition. One of the reasons that many are playing CCS is because others (your mum, your best friend, etc) are playing. I started playing when my friends are already at “young adult” stage. Seeing my friends at higher levels than me, I keep playing, slowly I overtake some of them, that gives me a sense of satisfaction and I continue playing. Playing CCS is competing with your friends and also yourself. In life, you see your classmates are better than you, so you strive to be better than him/her. When you accomplish a life goal, you feel satisfied and you keep going on and on.


Disclaimer: This post does not ask you to start playing Candy Crush Saga right away. It is just a game after all. If you are wondering, yes, I wrote this post while I was waiting for my lives to be “refilled” in CCS. Though I admit that I am addicted to CCS, I still live my real life without neglecting what is important and what is REAL to me.

What is your say?

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