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Learn Chinese Characters the Fun Way

Yes, Chinese characters are difficult to write, a difference of a single stroke gives you another character. Why not learn Chinese characters in a fun and creative way?

I have a student who likes to draw. The drawing helps him to remember Chinese characters better. Below are some of the characters that he has drawn:

joyfulyue.wordpress.com_Chinese character big and small

大 = big, 小 = small

joyfulyue.wordpress.com_Chinese character no

不 = no

joyfulyue.wordpress.com_Chinese character he

He, pointing to another person

Chinese language writing system is logographic, that means it is using characters to represent the words. Thus, if you like to draw, it does not matter whether you are good at drawing or not, draw Chinese characters in a way that you can remember. In that way, not only you can remember the characters, you can also remember them for a long time.

Do you draw to remember Chinese characters?


  1. Liz Marsden says:

    I like this idea a lot. I’m trying to remember characters with flash cards, and I find the ones I remember best are the ones with a story, like 好 or the super simple ones. Your student has done really well to draw pictures for things that aren’t nouns, I’d struggle to think of something to do with a character like 很

    • Wendy says:

      Though it is a good idea for beginner, I would not suggest you to learn every Chinese characters by drawing.

      The reason are:
      1. Most of the words are abstract ideas or helping words like 很, which are very difficult to draw

      2. Once you have learnt Chinese language up to the level that you can read a Chinese newspapers, you have learnt around 3000 Chinese characters, which is a lot and you will have a long list of drawings to show the 3000 characters.

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    If you are learning Chinese then you should this.

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