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There is a saying: you are your own worst enemy. Whether you are a baby or an old man or someone in between, you have fear. Yes, and it is the fear that makes you — yourself — your own worst enemy.

For babies, they fear hunger and lose of a caregiver.

For students, they fear cannot meet the expectations of parents and teachers.

For adults, they fear lose of job and how others look at them.

For old men and women, they fear sickness and death.

When I started this blog, I wrote because I like to write and share. Along the way, I have some followers. As I write more and more, my fear grows. I fear I do not have enough time to write, I fear I cannot write good topics that interest my followers, I fear I will lose what I have gained…

Nonetheless, I believe every coin has two sides. Use your fear to your advantage. Control your fear and overcome it. Fearing other people will be better than you? Then work harder, ignore people who doubt you. Your dream is yours, not others, do not let other steal your dream. Let your fear help you, not deter you from archiving your dream.

Conquer your fear! Conquer yourself!

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