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Chinese Language Grammar 2

This is a continuation from Chinese Language Grammar 1. In this station, we are going to explore “How do you ask a question in Chinese Language?”

There are three ways to ask a question:

1. 吗?

The particle “吗?” can be added to the end of any sentence to make it into a question.


Have you eaten? — 你吃饱了吗?

Has he gone home? — 他回家了吗?

Have you done your homework? — 你做完功课了吗?

2. 不 / 有没有

Do you want to go home? — 你要不要回家?

Does he have a pencil? — 他有没有铅笔?

The above two methods of asking questions are asking for a yes / no answer. For asking 5W1H questions, use method 3.

3. 什么?

什么 — What

What is that? — 那是什么?

为什么 — Why

Why are you crying? — 你为什么哭了?

哪里 — Where

Where is he going? — 他要去哪里?

几时?什么时候 — When

When is daddy coming home? — 爸爸什么时候回家?

谁 — Who

Who are they? — 他们是谁?

怎样?怎么?如何? — How

How do you answer this question? — 这个问题怎么回答?

How about this dress? — 这件裙子如何?

Next station is Chinese Language Grammar 3.

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