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I’m Just a Hobby Blogger

Out of curiosity, I google my blog name in Google and am surprised to find out that there are three* same blog name in other domains. All the three blog names are created in overseas domain, but they are not created by me. I do not know what are their purpose of creating the same blog name as mine. If you know, please drop me a message. Have you ever found out that there is a “twin blog” that is not created by you? I would like to hear from you too.

The first blog name is an empty account, where there are no post. It was created in Mar 2013, around one month after I have created my blog. The second one was created some years ago, but became inactive a few months after it was created. There are three posts in the second one, the blogger seemed to be a student at the time of writing the posts, the posts are not related to any of my posts in any way. I find the third one is the most interesting one, because it is under a slimming domain. Looking at my photo, you know how thin I am, so it is just funny to see “my” blog name under the slimming domain. Anyway, it is an empty blog. 

joyfulyue.wordpress.com_seeing double

Mum, you never tell me that I have twin sisters overseas!

I write blog because I love to share my knowledge. I spend time and effort to write good posts. If you would like to quote or share my posts, please give credit to my blog. There is a saying in Chinese Language, 识英雄,重英雄,it means heroes appreciate and respect each other. I respect you, as a blogger, a writer and a person, I hope you do the same to me. Thank you very much.

To my readers and followers, thank you for your support. Please bookmark or follow my blog if you think that this is a good blog for pleasure reading. As mentioned, the other blog names are not created by me, thus any activities, advertising or whatsoever are not related to me in any way.


Note: *Information is correct at the time of publication.

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