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I have been conned!

It was my first time using an online platform to sell items. I went through all the trouble to complete the registration and verification. And my item was on the selling list.

The first few days were a bit quiet, with only three to four bidders, some even offered me a lower price than my starting price to buy my item. But I did not give in, my item was a new one, with original accessories, any price lower than the starting price was not worth selling.

On the last day of bidding, there was a fierce competition between three bidders, one down at four hours before the closing. Mr. K and Mr. R were the last two bidders. At around 2.5 hours before the closing, Mr. K had the highest bid and there was no further bidding from Mr. R. I was thinking, that’s it, my item would be sold to Mr. K.

To my surprise, Mr. R put a higher price at the last minute before the closing and he became my buyer. Wow, that’s a quick turn. I sent an invoice to Mr. R and asked when and where he wanted to close the deal. There was no response after 24 hours.

After reading the poor comments about Mr. R, I knew I had been conned! I took quick action to contact Mr. K. He had agreed to buy my item at a discounted price. Well, my main purpose was to sell off my item and the price offered was within my expected value. So, I still sold the item with a screen protector to him. Mr. K was happy with the value-added screen protector and thanked me.

What you can learn from selling / buying on online platform:

1. Do your homework, make sure you know your product and what is the current market price and stick to it. Do not give in to any price lower than your starting price.

2. Do not be fooled by people who want to close the deal outside the authorized platform.

3. You must know all the processes involved very well. If you face any problem, you must be able to find who or what can help you.

4. You must also know your product very well, put in as many details as possible, so that it will attract potential and interested buyers who appreciate the value of your product.

5. Do not feel discouraged when your product is not selling well on the first few days. Buyers need time to think and make decision.

6. Do not panic if things do not go as you have planned. Calm down and quickly find a second solution.

7. Provide value-added product or service before the buyer requests for it. Though the buyer may not pay for it, it will leave a good impression and you may have future business coming to you.

Last but not least, if you are a bidder, set an upper price limit that you are willing to pay, do not go overboard. If you are insincere to buy or cannot afford to buy, do not continue bidding, you are only humiliating yourself.

What is your say?

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