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Life is full of surprises, whether good or bad, they will surely make you feel stress. Nonetheless, life is also hectic and fast pace that you will not even have time to relax.

Whenever I feel stress, I practise below relaxation techniques:

1. Listen to music. The type of music may be changed according to your mood.

2. Vigorous exercise. Personally, swimming is the best exercise for me to release stress.

3. Slow breathing, while counting from 1 to 10. Normally, I repeat until I feel relax. Sometimes I do this before sleep, I repeat the counting until I fall asleep. A relaxing way to fall asleep, isn’t it?

4. Visualization. This technique is the most useful when you cannot ‘run away’ from the stress. What you need to do is to stop whatever you are doing, then visualize a scene that makes you relax. After one minute, continue with whatever that you have stopped doing just now.

Above techniques are simple and can be done almost anytime, anywhere. If one technique can help you to feel relax, then carry on with your activity. If not, try to combine two or more techniques.

What is your say?

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