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A. 儿非          B. 宝儿

This is a Chinese sentence for Primary level. The question — What is the name of the little bear?

For non-native Chinese learners, they may face problem and choose 儿非 as the answer. The correct answer is 宝儿.

If we rewrite the sentence, 小熊, 宝儿非常顽皮, the answer becomes obvious. But there are many authors, thus we will have different writing styles. Also, to train the thinking skills of children, questions in exam will not be written in an obvious way.

It takes practice to learn Chinese sentence structures. Another way to excel in answering comprehension is to read story books since young.

As parents, you may spend time to read together with your toddlers. (Yes, reading can start as young as toddlers). Later, you can add in Q&A session with your young children, asking them who are the main characters in the story, what are the characters doing?, etc.

With a lot of practices, children will like the language and thirst for more stories. Let them continue the good habit into adulthood.

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